Calling ELA and Social Studies Teachers: We need your help! 

Interested in shaping engaging lessons that can inspire students to think critically about the Holocaust and their own roles and responsibilities today?

Would you like to inform the development of free resources that use first hand accounts, video interviews, and unique primary source materials to encourage students to learn how and why the Holocaust happened?

Join our cohort of teachers helping to make a difference!

What are my responsibilities?

  • Use 2+ lessons in your classroom developed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • You select the lessons (see below)
    • We will provide all materials
  • Share your feedback through virtual logs and an interview after the lessons
  • Additional feedback options (not required) may include student surveys, student focus groups, and classroom visits 

What support will I receive?*

  • When selected, ACR will send you an electronic $50 gift card of your choice.
  • All lesson materials are provided, you will not need to develop anything. We will send a Technical Assistance page to support implementation and will be available for all questions.
  • After the interview and lessons ACR will provide you a $300 honorarium to compensate you for your time and expert feedback. 
  • Additional honorariums may be available if you agree to host/support:
    • Classroom observations and student focus groups ($75)
    • Student surveys ($75)
  • ACR will donate $250 to your school as a thank you for your participation in this project 

*Depending on your district's policy about teacher compensation and research participation.

Next steps?

  • Complete the Teacher Interest Form: [Click Here to Access Form]. You are not committing to anything, just letting us know you’re interested. We'll reach out with the next steps.
  • Review additional information. Below is additional project information and a list of all the lessons you can choose from.

Detailed Project Information

About the Museum: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is America's national institution for the documentation, study and interpretation of Holocaust history, and serves as this country's memorial to the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust.  It carries out multifaceted programs including exhibitions, research, collecting, creation and distribution of educational materials and professional learning for educators, as well as public programming designed to enhance understanding of the Holocaust and related issues.  The Museum is working to keep Holocaust memory alive while inspiring citizens and leaders to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.

About the Lessons: The Museum has developed curriculum resources for secondary teachers and classrooms across the country using the materials in the Museum's collections. The Museum is interested in revising and expanding these resources and lesson plans to ensure that the full set of lessons:

  • Encourage students to think about how and why the Holocaust happened using first hand accounts, video interviews and primary source materials.
  • Are meeting desired learning goals.
  • Align to best practices in critical thinking and inquiry-based learning.
  • Are feasible for teachers to implement in a variety of classroom settings.

About the project. We’re looking for 48 teachers from across the country to collect diverse perspectives and feedback about these materials! 

  • You pick the lessons that will work with your curriculum. 
  • The implementation period is flexible, but we’re asking to teach the lessons between February and June. 
  • Content Development Partner

    ACR brings the highest level of strategic thought, confidence, and professionalism to all projects. ACR has often been required to meet tight deadlines and manage multi-level client approval processes. They always deliver on time and without cutting corners, while managing expectations along the way.

  • Client, City Agency

    ACR takes the time to understand what I’m looking to learn from each evaluation, and they design and revise their methods to answer my specific questions. As a result, their research captures meaningful data and evidence of impact, and their analysis and recommendations directly relate to my programs. Their work has directly influenced programmatic decisions and policy.

  • Client, Higher Ed

    ACR’s knowledge, insight and understanding of our goals helped to foster a very collaborative working relationship. ACR’s team members became an invaluable part of my project team.

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