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541910, 54180ODC, 541611, OLM

Applied Curiosity Research was founded in January 2016. We obtained a GSA contract 2 years and 7 months after starting our firm on the strength of our past performance and satisfied clients, and won our first GSA contract within one month. Through our experience subcontracting on 10 contracts for diverse federal agencies and our work in previous positions, we understand the rigorous scientific, organizational, and reporting requirements necessary for executing this work, and present a low risk to the federal government.

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  • 'Content Development Partner

    ACR brings the highest level of strategic thought, confidence, and professionalism to all projects. ACR has often been required to meet tight deadlines and manage multi-level client approval processes. They always deliver on time and without cutting corners, while managing expectations along the way.

  • 'Client, City Agency

    ACR takes the time to understand what I’m looking to learn from each evaluation, and they design and revise their methods to answer my specific questions. As a result, their research captures meaningful data and evidence of impact, and their analysis and recommendations directly relate to my programs. Their work has directly influenced programmatic decisions and policy.

  • 'Client, Higher Ed

    ACR’s knowledge, insight and understanding of our goals helped to foster a very collaborative working relationship. ACR’s team members became an invaluable part of my project team.

We’ve successfully partnered with other organizations on federal, state, and private sector contracts, and we’re always looking for new partners.